Introduction and first OOTD!

How do you start out a good introduction? I’ve never really known. But anyways…this blog is named Little Sugar Girl, as is my web store, because it is the best way I know how to convey myself and interests. I have a specifically mainstream beauty/fashion related blog called Wondrous☆Doll, but I made this blog so I could have a separate place to post more personal and varying things. I’m small in stature and like all things colorful, feminine, hands-on and sugary, which sums up nicely what I’ll typically be posting about; crafts, makeup, fashion (you will be reading a lot about the more vibrant side of Japanese fashions), and vintage toys, as my mental age is stuck at 5 and I can’t resist not collecting and discussing things that bring me back to my childhood. I also hope to post tutorials and reviews, as I enjoy helping (or at least attempting to help) people.

I will be cross-posting photos/excerpts from time to time as they overlap both blog themes. This will be one of those times. I give you my outfit from 4/23. It was my birthday dinner and I wanted to look nice. As you can see I’m not huge on over-accessorizing in my every day wear.

Imagetop/pants – Beall’s Outlet
necklace/bracelet – thrift stores
ring – unknown
wedges – Payless

Interesting tidbit: although the shoes were a Christmas present, it took me 4 months to get the nerve to wear them because I love them so much and fear getting them dirty…

Thank you for reading and I look forward to this blog’s (hopefully) bright future!


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