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☆Small Amazon craft haul☆

As the rest of my craft supplies have not been delivered yet, this will be a relatively short post. I wanted to post about all of them in just one post, but as I would like to keep posting on this blog fairly consistently, I decided to post anyway!

I decided to order from modes4u through their Amazon store, as I had a gift card to use. They sell all sorts of craft supplies and kits, and other things like cute Japanese stationery and accessories. They’re a little pricey compared to other places I’ve bought similar items (i.e clay, molds) from, but it was convenient so I decided to splurge ! The package got here much, much sooner than the expected delivery date, and I was pleased. I would also like to apologize for the terrible phone photos…now on to the items!

imageThe cute bag it came in killed me!!!! So adorable.

Fuwa Fuwa clay in pastels, Decollage Mermaid Puffy clay in dark chocolate,
Modena Petite clay in yellow ochre + Padico bread, French motif, fruit and cake molds.

As for the clays, they’re all new to me, so I’m excited to try them out! I’m thinking about doing a review post, even though there’s probably enough on the internet already.

TTFN, I’m off to craft!


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Wishlist Wednesday: Craft Goodies

Since I catch myself making mental wishlists all the time, I decided to make theme posts every Wednesday about my top wants! image This week’s is craft supplies/goodies…actually it’s just mostly Japanese craft books with a few other things thrown in! My full wishlist probably has about 12+ Japanese craft books on it, but the ones on this week’s wishlist are the top ones I’m saving up for.

From top left corner:
 Cute Little Felt Mascots (Lady Boutique Series no.3195) 
 Decollage Whip Cream 
 Cute Sweets Deco Accessories (collaboration between multiple deco artists) 
 Padico Soft Doughnut Mold
 Needle Felt Animal Snack Mascots (Chiku Chiku) 
 Sukerukun translucent resin clay 
 Fake Clay Sweets and Techniques (Erika Kisen) 
 Tamiya Baking Master Decoration Powder 
 Felt Round Eye Mascots (Lady Boutique Series no.3480) 

I also placed Amazon + Etsy orders Monday. I’ve only tried Hearty (air dry) & Cosmos (resin) clay, so I bought a pack of Fuwa Fuwa and new resin clays to try (and review), Padico molds, miscellaneous decorations for my clay crafts, and this absolutely lovely pair of leggings.

I am so pumped to get them in the mail already!! I have some sneakers I bought a couple of years ago from Japan that I am excited to pair with them.  I also just got a new lavender cross body purse for my birthday that I think it should make a nice coord. That will be shown in an upcoming collective haul post I’m putting together. Please look forward to it! image 

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