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Mail deliveries, eBay wins & hosiery everywhere ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ

Let me just start off by saying….

(from my Instagram)

….My galaxy leggings came in this week!!!! I’m unbelievably happy with them! They’re a more candy pastel versus muted pastel in person and just so lovely. I’m already working on a nail look and OOTD using these!

I also just went on both a bit of an online and in-store shopping spree….I bought a bunch of metal findings and some ribbon for my jewelry and sweets deco crafting, some safety eyes for my new stint into needle felting (more on that soon!!!), and MOST IMPORTANTLY….

I won these in auctions on eBay!!! Not just are they cute, but I actually won against other people. Which is huge for me because up until now, I’ve been really bad at auctions. I’m just really happy I was actually able to snag some stuff I wanted!

I also stopped by Beall’s Outlet recently and bought some clearance items, including a $12.99 skirt for $3.90! I had been eyeing it last time I was there, so I was incredibly excited to find it. image

image(also from my Instagram)

I also managed to find some Disney tights and thigh highs for 70% off, and some sheer heart pattern tights. Ironically the night before I was trying to find a pair I liked on eBay. Needless to say, I left the store quite happy! Though they also had some cute Betsey Johnson slouch socks I really would’ve loved to have to pair with wedges/heels, but alas they were all for sizes 9-11, while I am stuck at shoe size 6 – 6 1/2. Maybe next time!!


Right now I’m working on a few different posts for this blog, including my first tutorial, and an article about DIYing cute things for your room. Craft posts will start soon, so prepared to be bombarded with lots of dazzling fake sweets~ I’m super pumped to show you all, so stay tuned!


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